Who We Are

AP Investor Group was founded with a single mission: to offer our clients a full end to end service and help navigate the new home market . We approach each of our clients with fresh eyes to develop customised, unique strategies.

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The Team


George Pontikis


With over 15years of experience in the building industry, George brings a level of expertise that has not been seen before. From single homes, to double stories and multi dwelling projects; George has built and produced consistent, high level products. His eye for detail is second to none, ensuring the work your builder puts together is always at the highest level

Joseph Daher


Since the age of 20, Joseph has been investing into property and learning everything he can. Joseph has an extensive background in finance and specialised in assisting in the new home lending space for the better part of 7years. Through his experience; he is able to walk his clients through and navigate the initial phase of purchasing land. His understanding of finance allows him to communicate at the highest level with any lender or broker

Joshua Dimakakos


Joshua has been mentored and trained by our strategy consultant; Joseph. 
Joshua has shown a strong skill set in understanding finance and structures regardless of the complexity a persons financial situation may present. From single applicants on PAYG to applicants that have multiple businesses and complicated tax structures; he is able to use his skill set to ensure the best possible financial outcome for his clients